In recent decades, the consumption of wollastonite has increased by 10% each year, primarily through the use done by companies working in the paper and coating industry.

But what exactly is wollastonite? Wollastonite is a calcium silicate named after the English geologist Wollaston. It is a mineral composed mainly of calcium, silicon and oxygen that takes on different colours ranging from white to grey, cream, brown, light green and red. Its physical properties make it mainly used in industrial processes.

One of the most appreciated characteristics appreciated by production plants is the fact that it is inert, i.e. it does not react with the other components both during and after processing.

Wollastonite is also widely used in the production of ceramics because it maintains a high value of brightness and whiteness, so much so that it can be used as a white pigment.

ROMIchem, a company specialized in the production of grinding aids for minerals, has analyzed all the sectors of industrial grinding, creating a series of chemical additives for the grinding of minerals, such as wollastonite, which could positively influence the productivity of the grinding circuits.

The result? ROMIchem grinding aids help to reduce waste and increase production by 5-15% by eliminating the pack-set. ROMIchem technicians, specialists with years of experience in the field, are able to create specific products for each customer and do not offer a basic formula for all our mineral additives but produce customized products, ensuring each time products ad hoc.

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