ROMIchem is your ideal partner

Are you looking for a wholesale distributor of grinding aids for your company? Get in touch with ROMIchem! Reliability, flexibility and speed are the key features of this company.

Founded in 2008, ROMIchem is one of the largest companies involved in the production of additives for industrial grinding and general chemicals on an international scale. What distinguishes the company from its competitors is the quality level proposed, which remains the highest for each product.

The firm is the ideal partner for all those companies that are looking for safe and reliable products to reduce the waste of material and energy in their plants.

What has made our company so popular among companies specializing in the sector is certainly the customization of production: each final product is different from the others, both in terms of formulation and intended use, and for this reason, it is crucial to provide the customer with additives tailored to its needs.

ROMIchem grinding aids are designed to neutralize the pack-set and consequently increase production by 5-15%. Besides, with ROMIchem products, operating costs are reduced by 10%, saving customers time, energy and money.

As a leading distributor in the Italian and international market, ROMIchem’s quality is not limited only to that of the products, guaranteed by the certifications that have been granted to us, but also to that of the service offered, which is always attentive and fast.

Those looking for grinding aids can count on ROMIchem: the proposals in the catalogue are all of the highest quality and comply with national and international regulations in force.

ROMIchem ships all over the world: thanks to stainless steel storage systems and a very organized shipping system, the grinding aids will arrive at the company safely and efficiently.