Cement additives

All those working in the cement production and processing sector will have encountered at least once people who question the need to use additives in the material processing processes. The reason why many companies choose to use certain substances during the production phases of the final product is simple: using suitable additives allows them to obtain numerous advantages, including avoiding problematic situations during casting operations, obtaining cement with unique properties, improving the workability of the material, developing high-quality levels even in severe environmental conditions and significantly reducing production costs.

ROMIchem, a company founded in 2008 by the D’Onofrio family based in Castano Primo (Milan), has a deep understanding of the needs of cement producers and all the companies that work with the material and is specialized in the supply of cement grinding additives that help companies to create a final product of quality in an efficient way.

ROMIchem is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cement additives and assists customers of all kinds, from multinationals to small local companies. Thanks to a team of professionals employed in the research and development of cutting-edge products, we are always able to offer grinding aids that allow us to achieve excellent performance. Also, our technicians are still able to provide each customer with the perfect cement additive, because it was created specifically to meet their specific needs: at ROMIchem we only offer 100% Tailor-Made products, designed to improve the processes of companies that use our laboratories.

Grinding additives for cement with the best quality/price ratio

The world of cement additives is vast and complex. ROMIchem is specialised in the production of a single type of additives, grinding aids, products that aim to create a high-quality cement, while increasing the productivity and efficiency of the mills, with a significant increase in profitability of the production facilities of companies that turn to us and a drastic reduction in environmental impact.

Among the best products made by the company is the CM 805, a real go-to product in the sector, of which we at ROMIchem often produce customised versions. The CM 805 is a clear example of how cement grinding additives help our customers to make their plants more productive and profitable throughout the grinding chain: our product increases productivity by 10-15%!

At ROMIchem, we have not only become market leaders thanks to the products we offer but also to the quality of the services that accompany the pre and post sales phases. Our technicians assist customers step by step in the design of the ideal grinding aid, based on the specifications of the grinding mill used, and provide all the information for the correct use of the product created and the doses to use.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us; our team is here to assist you.