Manufacturer of grinding aids

Are you looking for a supplier of grinding additives for your company? Contact us at ROMIchem, a family-run company that has been producing and marketing grinding aids for over 10 years.

Born from the experience of the D’Onofrio family in the field of chemistry applied to the production of minerals, ROMIchem is the ideal partner for all those companies that are looking for safe and reliable products to reduce waste of material and energy in their plants.

ROMIchem is specialized in the production of grinding additives for cement, calcium carbonate, minerals and chemical grinding. The best feature of our products? The fact that they are all highly customized! Customers who turn to us can count on the assistance of qualified technicians who produce for them products that can meet their every need. One of our boasts is the tailor-made service offered, which allows us to give each company customized, unique and innovative products.

Thanks to advanced instrumentation and the use of advanced production techniques, ROMIchem grinding aids help to increase the company’s productivity level by 5-15%, an impressive value if you consider that it is not associated with an increase in energy use.

Moreover, as a leading supplier of grinding additives in the Italian and international market, ROMIchem’s quality is not limited only to that of the products, guaranteed by the certifications that have been granted to us, but also to that of the service offered, which is always attentive and fast.

ROMIchem ships Pack-Set inhibitors all over the world: whether your plant is located in the Milan area or on another continent, thanks to stainless steel storage systems and a highly organised shipping system, our grinding aids will arrive at the company in no time at all.