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Application of ROMIchem products

ROMIchem, an Italian firm, since 2008 deals with the chemical aids production for companies that work, among others, in the construction, paint and varnish production, plastic and paper manufacturing field. Due to an innovative technology, marked by a constant research, our company has achieved trade and geographical areas unthinkable until time ago.

Since its constitution, our activity has been focused on these niche markets:

  • Chemical products for the calcium carbonate grinding;
  • Chemical products for the mineral grinding;
  • Chemical products for the cement grinding;
  • General chemical products.

To date, in our plant, we produce tens of aids of high quality and 100% compliant with the normative European and non-European law.

How the grinding aids ROMIchem work

One of the main problems of the factories that grind cement or minerals is the presence into the mill of packing due to the high temperature inside the mill. This effect is a consequence of the grinding and the high fineness that the minerals have to reach. This physical phenomenon, perfectly normal and apparently harmless, entails large energy, time and material waste. All that means for the customer: money and resources drop.


How to use ROMIchem aids

ROMIchem grinding aids are user-friendly liquid products. The supplies can be in barrels, cubes or bulk tanks. The additives are sprayed by a dosing pump, before going into the mill, on the conveyor belt that carries clinker or minerals. The amount of product will be calibrated depending on the type of grinding mineral and the desired fineness.

Why ROMIchem’s grinding aids

ROMIchem products represent a real revolution for all the companies which operate in the minerals grinding sectors. Thanks to the Pack-set neutralization, indeed, they can limit on a massive scale energy wastage which translates into economic savings.
In this respect, the fundamental advantage is the request from the grinding circuit of more incoming feed. This can be translated into an increase in production from 5 to 15%.
This value changes according to various parameters like:

  • The mineral moisture
  • The temperature into the mill
  • The fineness of mineral
  • The type of grinding circuit.

In an attempt to satisfy every single need of our customers, Romichem relies on a custom-made grinding aids production, analyzing the ground mineral, the production process and, not least, our customer trade, so we can provide the most appropriate and correct solution in accordance with its needs.


Established in 2008, Romichem is one of the most important company worldwide for the production of additives on the industrial grinding and general chemical products.

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