Grinding aids for mineral processing

The processing of minerals is one of the activities that has always accompanied man. Minerals are used in many industrial sectors and for the production of many objects that people use in everyday life.

The great demand for minerals goes along high maintenance costs of the plants, which is why companies specialising in this field are continually looking for solutions that can maximise production while keeping stable the costs incurred.

Companies can follow different paths to achieve this goal. The most commonly undertaken are the careful selection of the manufacturing process of the product and the use of chemicals that can improve the performance of materials while processing them. These substances, called grinding additives or aids, are added to the minerals before they enter the mill and enhance the yield of the product. ROMIchem, an Italian company based in Castano Primo, is specialised in the production of tailor-made grinding aids for minerals.

But now let’s focus on the different types of processing of the minerals. First of all, the crystals are extracted: this can be considered the first phase of their transformation process. After that, there’s the crushing of the rocks, the first phase of controlled reduction of the size of the product. This phase is followed by grinding, which helps in further reducing the volume of minerals; depending on the intended use, the crystals are ground more or less finely.

During grinding the minerals can be dry or wet: the liquid additives of ROMIchem are ideal for working the minerals without generating dust, and therefore loss of earnings because they act by neutralising the pack-set.

ROMIchem’s products are perfect for improving the performance of production facilities during the final stage of mineral processing. Product studies show that ROMIchem’s mineral grinding additives can increase production by up to 15%!

For more information on custom mineral grinding aids, contact ROMIchem, our team of specialists is always at your service.