Products for the improvement of ground minerals

Founded in 2008 and located a few kilometres from Milan, ROMIchem is a company specialized in the production of mineral grinding aids. Famous all over the world, the products of this Italian company are used to increase the quality of the ground minerals and reduce the effect that the pack set has on the particles, resulting in an increase in the amount of material produced and the productivity of the plant that uses them.

The use of mineral grinding additives allows customers to work the minerals quickly and easily, shredding them according to their needs. Each type of processing requires a specific use of grinding aids created by ROMIchem technicians in the company’s laboratories. For this reason, ROMIchem and the experts who produce the additives work closely with the customers, producing customised grinding aids for each one.

Mineral grinding: pulverization in mills

When dealing with minerals, there are two types of activities that are undertaken by professionals: sorting by size and pulverizing them.

In the first case, thanks to technologically advanced machinery, companies can separate minerals of different sizes and use the various grains for specific activities.

In the case of pulverization, however, the minerals are subjected to a mechanical process of shredding through the use of grinding mills where they are shredded to obtain the powder of the mineral.

It is precisely in this second case that ROMIchem additives are used: if sprayed on the minerals before those enter the mill, they eliminate the electrostatic charges generated during the grinding of the stones allowing companies to reduce waste and increase production by 5 – 15%.

Being liquid, ROMIchem grinding aids are easy to use and store. They are delivered in resistant drums from which it is possible to take each time the quantity of product necessary for the pulverization operation, which varies according to the type and quantity of the mineral introduced in the mill.

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