ROMIchem, mineral additive manufacturer

Everyone who is looking for a reliable mineral additive manufacturer that is able to satisfy each and every request they may have will find in ROMIchem a great ally. The company, established in 2008 and located in Castano Primo (near Milan), is one of the main leaders in the production of mineral grinding aids in the world.

For a company, choosing ROMIchem’s products means increasing the production rate of 5-15% (the percentage is influenced by many factors among which there are the type of mineral used and its humidity) and greatly reduce the energy and raw material wastes that occur daily in production plants.

ROMIchem stands also as a synonym for transparency and trustworthiness. Each product that leaves our factory and labs is compliant with the norms and regulations in force, and it also has all the certifications required to be sold on national and international markets.

What makes our grinding aids so special? First of all, as we already mentioned above, they help to increase productivity whilst decreasing the costs. Even more important and amazing, though, is the level of customization of our offerings. Each product listed in our catalogue, which is also one of the widest, can be furthermore personalized. ROMIchem’s clients know that they can count on a team of professionals that are able to design an ad hoc products, created to exactly respond to the customer’s needs and to the characteristics of their production plants.

On top of this, there is also the simplicity of use and dosing of the grinding aids. The way they work is quite simple: by spraying the additives on the minerals the pack set gets neutralized in the mill and clients will get more products and a finer version, too.

Moreover, our product is stocked and shipped in particular tanks that are very sturdy and resistant so that the clients can use these grinding aids for long periods of time.

To learn more about us or our offerings, contact us.