ROMIchem, a manufacturer of grinding aids for cement

Are you looking for an Italian manufacturer of additives for cement that can guarantee exceptional results and excellent value for money? ROMIchem, founded in 2008 and based in Castano Primo (province of Milan), is the company for you.

With ten years of experience in the production department and a life spent working in the field, the ROMIchem team has managed to develop the magic formula to create the best products on the market, able to fully meet the demands and needs of customers. Would you like to know more? Here’s a secret… the main ingredient of our production is a high dose of customization! All the products that are produced in the ROMIchem factory are created specifically for each customer. No standard product leaves our laboratory, but only highly customized products that exactly meet the needs of the customer who turns to us to increase production and reduce waste.

However, ROMIchem branded products have one thing in common: their ability to neutralize the pack-set that forms inside the grinding mills. Thanks to the cement additives produced by our company, we ensure an increase in production of between 5 and 15%. The grinding agent, in fact, is designed to improve the workability and fluidity of the materials present in the mill, increasing the production at the same energy used.

ROMIchem is one of the few Italian companies specializing in the production of customized cement additives that can claim to represent Italian excellence in this sector. Thanks to the basic and additional services we are chosen by customers all over the world as their official suppliers of grinding aids.

To learn more about the production of these products, for a quote or to speak with ROMIchem technicians, please contact us.