Chemical additives for automotive

Despite being founded only ten years ago, ROMIchem is one of the most important Italian companies in the production of chemical additives for industries working in the automotive field.

The appointment as leader of the sector in such a short period of time is not due to luck, but is the result of the great work of the management structure and the team of professionals who, strong of the long experience behind, is able to produce aids customized for each customer who deals with automotive.

Among the chemical products that are most requested by customers are those that are used for the production of antifreeze liquid, paints, special pastes and lubricants. Thanks to the laboratory inside the Castano Primo plant, the team of chemists is able to produce or supply any type of ingredient necessary for the production of these products.

That’s not all: ROMIchem also provides raw materials to companies that work in the field of chemical industry applied to cars such as those that produce batteries.

Why choose ROMIchem chemical additives?

The choice of ROMIchem products by customers is easy to understand. First of all, the quality of the chemical additives is very high, further enhanced by the possibility of total customization of the product itself with the consequent creation of chemical additives that fully meet the needs of the customer. Not to be forgotten is also the care with which the staff creates each product and the attention with which the order is created and shipped to companies that request it wherever they are in the world.

Through the use of ROMIchem products, savings are guaranteed: in addition to the excellent quality-price ratio, the chemical additives produced by the company also help to cut energy and raw material waste.

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