ROMIchem, a manufacturer of additives for calcium carbonate

In whatever sector they are specialized in, all companies have as their objective to make efficient or improve the efficiency of their production plant, so as to reduce waste and increase production without increasing the cost of energy and raw materials.

If for many of them this goal is still a mirage, a situation due to the technical difficulties encountered in finding effective solutions and the economic investment required, for all activities working in the field of grinding of calcium carbonate to make efficient their plant is possible. How? Thanks to the use of grinding aids, products designed to neutralize the pack-set inside the grinding mills.

ROMIchem, an Italian company founded in 2008 and based in Castano Primo, near Milan, is a manufacturer of additives for calcium carbonate. A world leader in the sector, ROMIchem works closely with highly experienced technicians to produce customized grinding aids, able to adapt perfectly to customer requirements and able to increase the company’s production by 5-15% for the same raw material used.

The operating principle of the ROMIchem liquid additives is simple: if sprayed on the calcium carbonate before it is pulverized in the grinding mill, the attraction of the material particles towards the millstone is eliminated and all the material introduced comes out in the form of dust, instead of being trapped inside the machine.

The amount of grinding aid to be used as well as the increase in production obtained varies according to certain factors, such as the amount of calcium carbonate to be ground, the fineness of the final product, the humidity and temperature inside the mill.

Another advantage offered by the use of ROMIchem products is the considerable decrease in wear of the grinding bodies observed, with a consequent cut in the operating and maintenance costs of the machinery.

ROMIchem ships calcium carbonate grinding aids worldwide quickly and accurately.

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