The future of additives for cement

The cement industry is changing and in order to survive the companies that work in the field have to learn how to adapt to the new standards and to the request of a world that is now more than ever oriented to an increase of production sites, to an eco-friendly vision, and to the improvement of the final product performances.

In the past, the cement industry focused on the creation of materials with little to no grinding aids added but it has become clear during this past few years that in order to better the performances of cement, additives must be used in the grinding process.

Romichem, a company that has been manufacturing and trading grinding aids for cement and other materials, such as minerals and calcium carbonate, since 2008, is one of the most innovative realities of the sector on an international scale.

It became quickly clear for our business that to maintain the constant pursuit of creating better grinding aids and the chance to customize the products that characterize our company’s offering must become the firm’s focal points, because they represent exactly what the clients of the future will be asking for when buying products of this kind.

In particular, some recent studies has shown exactly that Romichem has always been on the right path to become one of the most influential business in the grinding aids sector. In fact, our products have all the characteristics of what can be considered as a top-quality additive. Romichem’s grinding aids for cement help cut down the general costs of the production process because they reduce the energy waste, yet they increase the productive efficiency of a plant by diminishing the effects of pack-set. A great quality additive also helps the environment by decreasing the energy used during the processing of the materials.

Those companies that are looking for top quality additives for the cement to use during the grinding process of the material can get in touch with Romichem’s team; they will help the customers figure out what are the characteristics a product has to have in order to suits perfectly their needs. Based on which are the client’s request for their products, Romichem creates ad hoc additives that will satisfy them completely.

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