Additives for Portland cement

Companies looking for excellent Portland cement grinding aids can turn to ROMIchem, which has been producing and marketing grinding aids for cement and other materials since 2008. The firm is one of the most innovative international companies in the industry today, and Portland cement is still the most widely used hydraulic binder in the construction industry.

Portland cement takes its name from its main constituent, Portland clinker, a hydraulic material consisting of calcium silicates and minerals containing calcium, aluminium and iron. The clicker is produced using limestone and clay, that is crushed and mixed in the right proportions.
The dust is then baked in special rotating kilns, which are able to endure very high temperature. This process allows the calcium to be chemically combined with silicon, aluminium and iron, in order to create hydraulic minerals.

The use of grinding aids for the production of cement has been known to the cement industry since the first half of the last century. The many advantages associated with the use of these products, combined with the low economic impact on the production cycle, have decreed a rapid and widespread spread.

Thanks to the cement additives produced by ROMIchem, we ensure an increase in production between 5 and 15%. The grinding agent is designed to improve the workability and fluidity of the materials in the mill, increasing the output at the same energy used.

Thanks to a team of professionals employed in research and development of cutting-edge products, the company is always able to offer grinding aids that allow you to achieve excellent performance.

Also, our technicians are always able to provide each customer with the perfect cement additive because it was tailor made to meet their specific needs.

If you are interested in and are looking for top quality cement additives, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.