Additives for cement, minerals, and calcium carbonate

During the grinding process of dry materials, the interactions between particles have an important role in determining the thickness of the final product and they are also responsible for lower production efficiency in a plant.

The adsorption of the molecules that the grinding aids are made of on the surface of the particles of the materials that need to be ground is a major key factor in simplifying and efficiently acting upon the problem for the industries that work in the mineral, cement, or calcium carbonate production field. This chemical-physical phenomenon, in fact, helps the companies obtain extraordinary results: since they influence the characteristics of both the single particles and the bulk of them, additives don’t only guarantee an enormous improvement on the product performances but they also help with cutting down the time materials spend in the mill, the energy used during that process, and the production costs.

In particular, additives help to achieve these amazing results because they are able to reduce the surface polarity of the molecules, they reduce their surface energy, they help to diminish the agglomeration energy and, moreover, improve the safety of the plant in general.

Customized grinding aids by ROMIchem

Since every substance reacts in a different way when it undergoes the grinding process and each client needs products with very different characteristics, it is important to manufacture customized grinding additives if one wants to offer the customers products that can entirely satisfy their needs.

ROMIchem, an Italian company established in 2008 and located in Castano Primo (near Milan), is specialized in the production of personalized grinding agents for minerals, cement, and calcium carbonate. Asking for a private consultation is very simple, you just have to fill up the form on our website or call our company; we’ll be glad to get in touch with you, offer our advice, and create your perfect additive.

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