Grinding additives

Companies that work in the mineral field and that have to work with minerals know how hard it can sometimes be grinding minerals and obtaining top-quality materials.

Romichem, a business that has been producing and selling grinding aids for mineral processing since 2008, created some innovative additives that can make easier the processing of those materials.

How do Romichem’s grinding aids work? It’s pretty simple, they help reduce the cohesion and adhesion of the mineral particles making the processing phase easier and faster, and therefore they reduce the production bottleneck. Romichem’s additives, other than being very useful and efficient, are also very simple to use: they are sprayed by a dosing pump on the conveyor belt that hosts the minerals, and their job is to get rid of the pack-set that is produced when the minerals are processed in the mill. When using them, companies can reduce the time and energy employed during the mineral processing process.

That’s not everything, though. Romichem’s grinding aids help to diminish the environmental damages caused by the waste of energy and resources, they improve the productive performances of the plants, and significantly cut down the risk of machinery damages, especially of the mills. What does that mean for a firm? Fewer costs and more revenues!

To achieve these extraordinary results, companies need to use just a tiny bit of additives (the ratio is more or less between 0.05% and 0.1% of the quantity (kg) of the material that has to be processed) but there’s no need to fear wastes of any kind as our grinding aids can be stocked for a long time if the clients follow our team’s directions.

Moreover, Romichem manufactures customized additives, that fit perfectly the needs of the customer, of their production, and of their company. The best results, however, are achieved when working with barite, quartz, feldspar, and magnesite.

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