Additives for calcium carbonate grinding

Established in 2008, ROMIchem is the leader in the production and trading of grinding aid for calcium carbonate. What is that made our company so popular among businesses that work in this field? The customization of our production, that’s for sure. Each type of product available on the market is different, both for formulation and designated use, and that’s why it’s important to offer to each customer additives created following customized guidelines.

ROMIchem’s grinding aids for calcium carbonate are designed for pack-set neutralization and consequently to increase the production of a plant by up to 15%. Moreover, ROMIchem’s products help businesses cut down operational costs by 10% by saving time, energy, and money.

Who is looking for calcium carbonate grinding aids can count on us and our experience in the sector: the products listed in our catalog respect all the standards set by national and international laws.

How we produce grinding aids for calcium carbonate

In ROMIchem the production of customized grinding aids for calcium carbonate follows precise steps, essential for providing the customer an overall great quality product.

First of all, we start by asking the client the designated use of the good; ROMIchem’s team talks to the client so to create the perfect additive. Then we manufacture the mix which is then tested to check the performance; lastly, the product is ready to be stored and shipped to the client.

To learn more about our products or to place an order contact us, please. We’ll gladly provide you with all the pieces of information you need or set up a meeting with the members of our team.

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