Grinding aids 

Since its establishment in 2008, ROMIchem produces the best grinding aids for calcium carbonate, cement and minerals. The quality of our products is recognized by companies all over the world and it is for this simple reason that a small Italian business was able to become a market leader in a matter of months from its constitution.

Among the pluses of ROMIchem’s production that customers appreciate the most there are the quality of the goods and the great level of customization we offer: each and every client that comes to us can count on tailor-made products that guarantee amazing performances and that respond exactly to their productive needs.

Moreover, research and development are two of the main ROMIchem team’s focus points. In just ten years we have been able to create products that help companies to cut down operational costs by 10% and goods that are eco-friendly by almost completely eliminating the pack-set issue.

Grinding aids for calcium carbonate

Another greatly requested type of goods is grinding aids for calcium carbonate. This mineral is commonly used by those companies that manufacture products that can be found in most households like plastic pipes or cables, but also by businesses that produce paint, varnishes or that work in the construction field.

Cement grinding aids

Is your company active in the cement sector? Then take a look at ROMIchem’s list of products, we can guarantee that no matter what type of cement you produce you will be able to find the perfect grinding aid that will help you save your firm’s energy, time and money.

Grinding additives for minerals

ROMIchem’s catalog couldn’t be complete without some amazing grinding additives for minerals. Thanks to the incredible expertise level of our employees and the attention they put each time to create a product, we are always able to offer perfectly customized products that work very well with feldspar, quartz, magnesite, and barite.

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