The term feldspars refers to a class of very common minerals that are an essential component of many of the rocks that make up the Earth’s crust. There are four types of feldspars: sodium feldspars, barium feldspars, potassium feldspars, and calcium feldspars.

On a chemical profile, feldspars are composed of oxygen, aluminium, silicon, and all those elements that determine their division into different categories. There are also some isomorphic feldspars that are created when there are substitutions between potassium and barium, potassium and sodium, or sodium and calcium.

Feldspars are very versatile and they can be used in many different industrial sectors, especially when combined with kaolin and quartz. Among the most common uses of feldspars, there is the manufacture of porcelain, biomedical products, and cladding of every kind.

As any other mineral, feldspars too, because of their nature, are prone to creating the pack set during their processing into grinding mills. The solution to this problem, which causes many losses in terms of energy and raw materials, is the addition of additives to the minerals before they undergo the grinding process. The grinding aids are manufactured to neutralize the charge of the particles so to avoid any energy or material waste.

ROMIchem, an Italian company established in 2008, is specialized in the production of additives for feldspar grinding. Our products, renowned all over the world, are tailor-made on each client, so to ensure a great compatibility level with their production.

Getting your hands on a ROMIchem product and start using it is very simple, all it takes is getting in touch with us and trust our technicians. Thanks to private consultations with the customers, our team is able to manufacture the perfect grinding aid for them. The result of using an ad hoc product for your plant? You’ll witness a growth of 5-15% production rate!

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