The certificate en Iso 9001

ROMIchem is a company based in Castano Primo that specializes with the production of grinding aids for many different types of cement and minerals.

Thanks to a team of highly trained professionals who are always available to meet the customer’s needs, the company is the ideal choice for all those who are looking for these products.

From additives for the calcium carbonate industry to those for minerals, from additives for the cement industry to those for companies working in the field of chemistry in general, ROMIchem provides customized products, designed to respond precisely to customer requirements and the parameters indicated.

ROMIchem products have all obtained the necessary certifications for production and trade as indicated by national and international standards. The EN ISO 9001 certificate, issued by the competent authorities, specifies the requirements of the quality management systems that a generic organization must comply with.

Quality management is fundamental for SMEs that want to offer an excellent service and have a certification that guarantees added value to customers and suppliers.

The ISO 9000 series standards are voluntary and are issued by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization).

In particular, the ISO 9001 standard is structured in four micro processes, common in all companies:

  • Responsibility of the management (policy, objectives, planning)
  • Resource management (human and information resources)
  • Process management (customer satisfaction, design, procurement, production and services)
  • Measures, analysis and improvement (audits, process control)

The new edition of the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard innovates, without revolutionizing, the plant previously created in the 2000s. In particular:

  • The context in which the organization operates is introduced
  • The meaning of products is extended to so-called intermediate products
  • The concept of organizational responsibility is expanded
  • The importance of training and competence is underlined
  • Examples are given of how the working environment can affect the final product.

It should be noted that verification, review and validation activities are distinct and that the review verifies the effectiveness of corrective actions.
It should be noted that customer satisfaction can be measured by other means that the customer satisfaction survey.

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