Baryte is a barium mineral that is part of the Celestine group. Composed of barium sulfate, baryte is naturally present in the solid state (it is a crystallizing solid) and if it is pure it can be white or transparent, even if its most common variants are yellow or blue.

Baryte is also the gangue of various metals and metal ores, that is the sterile material that encloses and protects these products. Its presence can also be associated with calcite, quartz, basaltic rock cavities and iron-manganese jaspers.

The mineral is used for many different industrial purposes. First of all, it is the main source of material for the preparation of barium compounds but it is also often used mixed with cement to improve the shielded properties of the substance against radiation; in the form of powder to create mud for oil drilling or as a contrasting substance during clinical examinations.

Baryte grinding aids: ROMIchem products

The processing of barytes can reveal many pitfalls, especially in terms of material losses and high consumption of energy and time. The material, in fact, once placed in the grinding mill through which it is chopped, will definitely be subjected to the pack-set, a phenomenon that characterizes the behavior of the particles that make up the baryte when subjected to grinding.

ROMIchem, an Italian company founded in 2008, is specialized in the creation of grinding additives for barytes. These products, customized according to the type of material and the needs of the customer, can neutralize the pack-set, thus increasing production by 5-15% and significantly lowering the costs of processing and maintenance of the production plant.

ROMIchem technicians, specialists with years of experience behind them, create specific products for each customer and do not just make minor changes to the basic formula of our mineral additives, thus ensuring excellent results.

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