Grinding aids for calcuim carbonate in the paint and varnish industry

Calcium carbonate is one of the main minerals used in the paint and varnish industry. There are two main reasons why calcium carbonate is so widely used in the industry:

  • Its high whiteness;
  • the ease of management of the degree of fineness and particle size distribution.

The combination of these two exceptional characteristics, together with other factors, such as easy dispersibility, low abrasiveness, low electrolyte content, low oil absorption and excellent anti-corrosion properties, make calcium carbonate ideal for the industrial production of paints and varnishes.

The use of minerals in the paints and varnishes’ formula allows the production of highly opaque and versatile finished products (it is possible to create products with a glossy or matt base, at will), suitable for many uses. Essential high-end products, the paints and varnishes thus obtained prove to be perfect for solving any problem of painting, even on the most complicated surfaces.

Using untreated calcium carbonate that is not mixed with special additives can be quite expensive for companies that utilize it for the preparation of their paints and varnishes. If grounded without the addition of special aids, when the mineral undergoes this type of industrial process the mineral it tends to create the so-called Pack-Set, a phenomenon of attraction between the grounded particles that involves a significant increase in costs for the company, both in terms of money (energy and raw materials) and energy, but also of time.

The formation of the Pack-Set is a very common problem during the processing of minerals of any kind. To solve this problem, companies can contact ROMIchem, which specializes in the production of grinding aids for calcium carbonate used to create paints and varnishes.

All the additives that are produced by the ROMIchem plant, located in the province of Milan, are 100% customizable according to customer requirements, formulated by a team of specialists, and allow to increase production from 5 to 15%.

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