Additives for mineral grinding

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry uses many minerals during the production process, among which there is talc, for example. The processing of these substances, as it happens during the processing of cement and calcium carbonate, if not executed in the correct way and without using grinding agents can prove to be very difficult and be responsible for enormous wastes of time, material and money for a company.

The firms specialized in the production of mineral for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use that want to cut down the losses originating during the processing of the materials can get in touch with ROMIchem, an Italian company leader in the manufacturing and trading of additives for the grinding process.

ROMIchem offers the clients customized grinding aids, created to satisfy completely the needs of different companies. In particular, when it comes to additives offered to pharmaceutical and cosmetic businesses the suggested product, trademarked by ROMIchem, is the Misa 800. The mixture, that helps to eliminate the effects of the pack-set like no other substance available on the market, can be further personalized as requested by the customers.

The Misa 800 respects all the security norms imposed by the Italian laws and international regulations: ROMIchem’s products, in fact, can be bought by clients from all over the world.

The same additive used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry can be also used by firms that operate in the food sector, where they’re usually used to stop the agglutination process of some substances. This aid is so appreciated that ROMIchem has become one of the most renowned manufacturers of food processing additives.

Taking advantage of the power of the grinding aids in the crushing process, companies will be able to significantly decrease the wastes and increase the production rate. Using ROMIchem’s products is very simple: they only need to be sprayed on the minerals before they enter the mill.

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